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Dear Fans,

This may come to a shock to all of you, but as of this date I will be retiring from AMV scene for awhile. Its been a decision I have been regretting to tell everyone for some time. The main reason is college. As a film major and member of the US ARMY National Guard I just don't have the time to sit and create the AMV's that are locked away in my head. Its not a permanent retirement as I have mentioned, priorities in my life just changed. Eventually I will come back, re-energized and ready to make classics people will remember. Wish me luck on my endeavors and I'll see all at the cons cheering at your AMV's ^_^




Rough semester people. Lost of video editing to to complete for my film and video portfolio. I have very little time for any AMV creativity. However, thank you all for your support and I will make more later. Don't give up on me yet.



Main link is back online for "The One I Love Is". I'll be taking "Everything You Want" offline to conserve bandwidth for people who want to download the new video. The mirror link however is still active.



WOO HOO!!! Just found out I got 1st Place Runner up for the DRAMA/SENTIMENTAL category at Otakon 2002! Here's the the official announcement made by Matt Pyson. If you notice the gap was really small for the winner of the category. Looking forward to next year's competition. On a sad note the main video download links are offline because I have reached my 7 GB cap for the month. They'll be back online next month. The mirror downloads should still be active.



To make a long story short, I didn't win. However, it was a HELL of a blast to be at the convention and the chance to meet other AMV creators!!! I won't find out who got 2nd or 3rd place for another week or two, but if "The One I Love Is" doesn't get either of those then it still wouldn't matter. I was just happy that it had the opportunity to compete and the crowd loved it. My heart was pounding when I saw my video on screen with 4500 people watching. I felt like a nervous wreck wondering if I'll get booed off stage by hardcore EVA fans. The video is now officially released to the public and once again thanks to Rakna for such a wonderful story for without it there wouldn't be an AMV. Still looking for volunteers to help host my vid. Later.



Woo Hoo! Its been a while since I updated this page. As you can see I added a new look in time for the release of my new AMV "The One I Love Is". Speaking of AMV's I am currently in Baltimore, Maryland for Otakon 2002!!! My video made it to the top 32 finalists so there must be something I am doing right. Anyway mark your calendars for August 01, 2002 for the official download of the new AMV and wish me luck. One last detail. If any of you are willing to volunteer and help host my new vid I would greatly appreciate it.



Videos are up for download. Please excuse me for the sporadic download periods. I can only afford 7 GB of bandwidth a month and once its gone, its gone. Please DO NOT use download accelerators, because they suck bandwidth and prevent others from seeing my vids. Play fair that's all I ask.



Random rants from me here. I forgot to tell you guys a while back that Otakon 2002's people received a copy of "The One I Love Is..." All I have to do now is wait if its in the finals or not. Wish me luck.



I am not dead and have not retired! Redid "The One I Love Is..." from scratch using Adobe Premiere 6.0 with DVD footage that I captured to DV tape. The quality is outstanding and the sound is awesome! The videos are back online to download. Have fun!!!